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Seniors Living

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OUR Process

Your perfect candidate

A career in the Seniors Living sector is special. It is both a great responsibility and a great reason for pride, supporting older Australians to live with joy, dignity and security.

Selecting the right executive for each unique role, and tailoring a support program for success, is our purpose.



We co-design your business strategy to select and recruit talent nationally, often from outside the sector.



We tailor fast track induction and support to the sector, and ongoing structured professional development.



We provide the mentor and networking support to strengthen performance and career satisfaction.


Every client brief is different

From your executive leadership team through to your village managers and care staff, every role is different, as are the needs and circumstances of your organisation. We identify exactly what you need, and deliver the talent with the optimum skills and aptitude to support you.

Role Optimisation Partnership

Each role will have a timescale to perform to and a unique set of skills required.

  • Co-design position for optimal success
  • Assist in the selection of the ideal candidate
  • Credentials and character validation
  • Engage the candidate in the vision
  • De-risk their move with professional support, and
  • Ensuring long-term success

Remuneration science

The data-led design of a remuneration package is vital to secure the optimum candidate. DCM commissions Australian Online Research to independently survey DCM Institute Members and allied executives to understand the metrics across the full range of business, from small to large, metro to regional, new or established, challenged or stable. Each requires a tailored skillset, psychographic profile, and remuneration package.

Our Approach

New to it?

We identify that the best-fit talent will increasingly be located outside the Seniors Living sector, as it transforms in response to corporatisation, increasing service competition, increasing customer affluence, and higher customer expectations.


Supporting the Best Talent

“New to it”, an external potential candidate, will need for recruitment and longer-term success:

With our decades of Seniors Living experience, plus the resources of our sector leading professional development program, the DCM Institute, we provide an unrivalled support program for ‘new to it’ executives and their medium-term success.